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Coastal Day Spa

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and escape the

outside world

Japanese Head Spa Experience

Coming soon

This is our introductory session for those looking at their first foray in to the world of Japanese Head Spa culture. This treatment which is designed to leave you relaxed, calm and feeling truly pampered.

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Starting with a scalp check, our therapists will then proceed to a light shampoo, followed by stream bath to opened hair follicles allows better absorption of moisture, which in turn leads to a healthier hair follicle Followed by our signature detoxifying massage and shampoo. Next your treated to our signature detoxifying scalp water massage, which is an amazing treatment just on its own . From there you are treated to a scalp massage with an conditioning treatment. This is followed by our traditional Japanese neck and shoulders relaxation massage. We then finish with a leave-on treatment before a simple dry-off.

Please note: Our simple dry-off doesn't include any straightening, blow-dry or styling.

Float away into our chill out zone where your luxury refreshments 

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We only have one precious and beautiful planet. So, we believe that as a caring business we should operate sustainably and ethically. Our philosophy is to minimise our impact on the environment through conscious choices, and we are continuously working to improve our operations in this regard. Some of our current initiatives included

We organically grow and harvest as many ingredients such as we grow some of our own teas and menu items for our spa menu in our spa garden.
We use all-natural, eco-friendly range of cleaning products
Recycle most of our waste threw worm farms and recycle centres. The compost from the worm farm then goes into our garden
All food waste that can’t go into the worm farm goes into our Bokashi bin this helps Reduce our Carbon Footprint – so we do not produce greenhouse gasses, like methane, making our compost for our garden safe for the environment
We are dedicated to finding the most earth-friendly products available for all our packaging and shipping
Most of our products used in treatment contain no parabens no Sodium Lauryl Sulphate or Sodium Lauretha Sulphate no formaldehyde releasers no mineral oils no paraffin no DEA (diethanolamine) no artificial dyes
Our towels and linen are towels are 100% organic cotton 100 certified and Fair Trade, as well as GOTS certified.
Evert opportunity we sun dry our towels and linen
We sun dry our towels and line every opportunity on the line 
We use LED lights threw the spa. LED lights contain no toxic elements and helps to protect the environment from further toxic waste.
Most of our beauty wastewater is recycled to the garden

Giving Back

At Coastal Day Spa we recognize that domestic violence and illness does not discriminate. It affects adults and children irrespective of race, ethnicity, or social-economic standing. At Coast Day Spa in our first year of operation we have donated over 32 hours of free treatments to people in need of some special pampering. We also support many local charities that look and care after our community. We will always continue to support our community in the future.

From Coastal

We believe giving to the community gives people the support to help them cope with difficult challenges, and as part of the community we can get together to celebrate life’s lighter happier moments. CDS

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About Us

Locally owned and operated by an Mother and Daughter team, we are located along the shores of Lake Illawarra

 on Koona Bay at Albion Park Rail. 

Coastal Day Spa delivers the ultimate Spa experience. Our private treatment rooms with enchanting music provide a serene atmosphere for the ultimate in relaxation.

Indulge in spa services, the result of skilled technicians, continuous research and training, and most importantly, a team that truly cares. You will leave each treatment feeling and looking rejuvenated as we use only the finest professional products available. Our team is constantly searching to bring you the most cutting-edge services, techniques and products from Europe, Asia, and Australia. It is our mission to provide you with the best products and services available.

At Coastal Day Spa, our goal is a “better you” through a perfect marriage of relaxation and results.

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Get in touch!



7 Windang street

Albion Park Rail

New South Wales 2527

We have off street Customer Parking

Contact-0492 997 384



Hours- By Appointment Only

Mon-Fri: 9:00am - 8 :30pm
Sat: 9:00am - 3:00 pm
Sun: Closed



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